This laboratory homepage opens with a playful animation featuring a puzzle of the human brain (the lab's logo, also designed by Symposi). The assembled puzzle floats apart, and the individual puzzle pieces become hyperlinks that draw visitors into the site. The puzzle theme is continued on the site's subpages: puzzle pieces become navigation bar links and rolling over these links lights up corresponding puzzle pieces in the lab's logo.

The symbolizing behind the puzzle imagery ties in directly with the lab's research. As a surgical brain mapping laboratory, Golby Lab utilizes fMRI technology to map the motor and language areas of the brain for use in the pre-operative evaluation of patients with brain tumors. The findings from this research shed light on how the brain is organized. The lab's logo and website employ the idea of brain mapping as a process of putting together a metaphorical "puzzle".

The website features the lab's research projects and publications, profiles for current staff, alumni and collaborators, and provides information for research participants.
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