The Arrowhead Group logo
The geometric design for this consulting group's logo strikes a balance between bold and elegant. When used at a small scale, the logomark appears as a vivid red starburst. When viewed at a larger scale, the circular starburst reveals a new level of detail and visual interest: an array of eight individual arrowheads pay homage to the company's namesake.

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Ravelry's Grazing Sheep waterbottle
Cute sheep graze on hills made of crochet motifs, surrounded by knitted trees and flowers in this illustration by Symposi, drawn for This artwork was printed on Camelbak waterbottles for sale in Ravelry's online mini-mart.

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Harvard Longwood Psychiatry Residency Program
This website design promotes the Harvard Longwood Psychiatry Residency Program, affiliated with Brigham and Women's Hospital, Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, the Massachusetts Mental Health Center, and Boston Children's Hospital. It serves as an informational website for both residency program applicants and medical students interested in clerkship opportunities. A subtle but elegant background pattern allows the banner photos to take center stage in the design.

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